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These webinars were presented by Dr. Christine M. Peat, PhD, FAED, LP, with the National Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders. Links to these videos may be shared with the general public.

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Eating Disorders in Your Clinical Practice: What You Need to Know

Eating disorders are complex illnesses that often require expert interdisciplinary treatment, yet specialist care is limited. Many individuals with eating disorder symptoms can be successfully managed by non-specialist mental health providers, either as a precursor to specialist treatment or as a component of treatment the mental health clinician may already be providing.

Eating Disorders in Primary Care and Community-Based Clinics: Tools and Resources for the Clinician

Eating disorders are underdetected and undertreated, particularly as many individuals with these conditions do not have obvious signs or symptoms. Screening for these conditions is a challenge given the lack of specific strategies that fit the needs of primary care or community-based practice.