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Caregiver Skills Toolkit

This new toolkit provides parents and caregivers with the vital skills necessary to support their loved one’s eating disorder recovery.

What is the FEAST Caregiver Skills Toolkit?

This online program was developed to level the playing field for parents and caregivers of individuals with eating disorders. Some families may not have the resources or knowledge needed to help a family member with an eating disorder. Having access to the right support and resources can make it easier for families to care for their loved one and help them recover faster.

This toolkit provides important support and access to resources that are critical when faced with an eating disorder.

What Can I Learn?

The FEAST Caregiver Skills Toolkit provides helpful advice and important skills in a set of quick and easy-to-understand videos. The videos will help you:

  • Introduce fear foods/exposures
  • Manage mealtime resistance
  • Use distraction techniques
  • Boost caloric intake
  • Handle and tolerate distress
  • Be an effective medical advocate
  • Use leverage to encourage cooperation
  • Avoid accommodating the eating disorder
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How Can I Get the Toolkit?

The FEAST Caregiver Skills Toolkit is available on the FEAST website. Complete the registration form and choose a donation amount for the materials that is appropriate for you. 

Once you fill out the registration form, you will receive an email with instructions to view the toolkit.

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