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SBIRT Mobile View image
SBIRT Mobile View image

What is SBIRT-ED?

Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment for Eating Disorders (SBIRT-ED) is an easy-to-access tool for primary care providers.

It is critical to screen all patients for eating disorders, even those who do not show obvious signs or symptoms. The SBIRT-ED tool is practical, useful, and fits the needs of a busy practice. Get results and guidance you can share in real time during clinical visits.

Why should you use SBIRT-ED?

Individuals who have eating disorders often don’t look the way you may expect. It is important to uncover the signs and symptoms early. The SBIRT-ED tool helps you easily screen for eating disorders in your practice. It increases detection of eating pathology and referrals to specialty care.

  • Access the SBIRT-ED tool on any device
  • Get real-time risk level results to use with patients while they are in your office
  • Find appropriate discussion points based on patient risk level
  • Get pre-written notes to copy and paste directly into your EHR
  • Share a step-by-step referral guide to assist people in finding specialty care
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How does SBIRT-ED work?

The SBIRT-ED tool is easy to use. It helps you quickly screen patients for eating disorders. There is no need to log in or download software. The tool is one click away anytime you need it.

It contains five concise questions (based on the SCOFF questionnaire) to ask any patient. Then it gives you a clear risk rating on the likelihood of whether the individual has an eating disorder.

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The Truth Behind Eating Disorders in the United States

Watch a brief video with key statistics on eating disorders. Primary care providers are the first line of defense in their detection. It is important to screen all patients in your care.